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Pain management

Who we are

The INPUT Pain Unit at St Thomas’ Hospital was opened in 1989. We run pain management programmes throughout the year for patients from all over the world. We have strong links with King’s College London and an active research programme.

Our aim

Our vision is to provide world-class pain management, good health outcomes and excellent patient experience, based on research, evidence and national and international standards.

Our aim is to work together with patients, GPs, consultants, King’s Health Partners, and other healthcare providers to deliver effective and patient-centered care, enhance patients’ quality of life, improve clinical outcomes and deliver world-class teaching.

Our approach

Our main aim is to help you achieve your goals. We want to help you to do more of what you want to do, especially to participate in the activities that give your lives a sense of vitality and meaning.

To do this, our pain management programme helps you develop skills to respond to pain, and the distress that often accompanies it, in new ways.

We try to help you to ‘drop the struggle’ with pain, rather than reducing or curing pain.

The programme includes a combination of physical exercise and psychological skills training, designed to start with small steps and gradually build capabilities.

We focus on individual goals. For example, goals of previous patients have included walking without a stick, reducing medication, returning to playing football and starting voluntary work.

We want to help you make lifelong changes.