Success rates explained

To give you a sense of the success rates we have achieved for our NHS and Private patients we have included our results from 2012.

We do not create comparisons of how our unit compares to other clinics, as they may treat patients with different diagnoses, which will affect the average success rates shown for clinics. Most clinics carry out too few cycles each year to reliably predict a patient’s future chance of success.

Pregnancy success is age dependent


2014 results

2014 results 2


What is my chance of a continuing pregnancy after a blastocyst (day 5) embryo transfer?

In 2012, we performed 654 blastocyst transfers – just over half of all the transfers we did in the whole year, leading to 394 pregnancies (60% per transfer) and 355 clinical pregnancies (54% per transfer)

What are the overall figures for success for all age groups?

All fresh IVF/ICSI cycles started in From January – June 2014 (excluding PGD, egg donation and fertility preservation cycles)

No cycle 2014

What are my chances of a continuing pregnancy according to my age?

Outcome of fresh IVF/ICSI cycles in January – June 2014 according to age group (excluding PGD, egg donation and fertility preservation cycles)

age number

It is important to be aware that success rates have limitations as the basis for comparison or personal choice.  To read the HFEA’s advice on success rates please follow the link below:






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