NHS funded treatment

NHS funding, including NHS IVF funding, may be available for patients who meet the specific criteria of their local Clinical Commissioning Groups – CCG (previously PCTs). Each CCG has set criteria and will differ in terms of what level of treatment will be funded. Funding for assisted conception may not be available if either you or your partner already has children. Or if the female partner is over a certain age or has a BMI over 29.

All patients have a choice of which option they would like to take to fund their treatment – NHS or to pay for the treatment themselves. If patients choose to apply for NHS funding including NHS IVF they will have to meet their criteria and it usually takes up to 6 weeks for the funding application process.

All patients referred by a GP or hospital will be assessed for NHS funding once an initial registration questionnaire has been returned.  We will apply for the NHS funding on your behalf and will work with you to complete the documentation required as part of your application. It can take a London CCG anything up to 6 weeks to respond to your request for funding. All of the forms your GP will need can be found within the resources section of this website.

The referral process

Your local GP can refer you for treatment at Guys and St Thomas Assisted Conception Unit.

Find out more about the referral process here.

 An example of the eligibility criteria – this will differ by CCG

  • No previous parenting experience by either partner
  • No previous NHS funded treatment (and/or no more than two previous cycles of treatment)

Current waiting times

No waiting lists.  Treatment for patients whose CCG are contracted with us can start the process within six weeks (or less) of referral.

Number of cycles funded

This varies from each CCG and anything from one cycle to three treatments will be funded on the NHS.

If you would like further information about our eligibility criteria, please contact the administration team on 020 7188 2300.

Assisted Conception NHS funded form

Please fill in your details and we will get back in touch.

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