Private ultrasound scans in pregnancy

Dr Pasupathy, a sub-specialist in fetal medicine, offers private maternity scans which include:

  • Early pregnancy viability scan
    This is usually performed soon after a positive pregnancy test in the first trimester.
  • Dating and nuchal translucency scan
    This scan is performed as part of the combined screen for Down’s Syndrome or part of the non-invasive prenatal diagnosis test. We will also provide the estimated date of delivery following this scan.
  • Anomaly scan
    This scan is performed between 18 – 22 weeks focused at detecting major fetal abnormalities. In most cases these scans are normal and in the unlikely event of detecting an abnormality, Dr Pasupathy as a sub-specialist in fetal medicine will discuss the findings and its’ implications and provide a detailed plan and options for the rest of the pregnancy.
  • Wellbeing Scan
    This scan will assess fetal growth, wellbeing and placental function and is usually performed late in the second trimester and in the third trimester.
  • Cervical length scan
    In women with a previous history of pre-term delivery or cervical treatment we will offer cervical length scans in pregnancy to assess the risk of pre-term delivery.
  • Fetal sexing scan
  • 3D / 4D scans
    These scans nurture the bond between the expectant couple and their baby

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