World-class care at competitive prices

We pride ourselves on giving patients the most competitive fees of a private maternity care Hospital in London, whilst giving you access to exceptional private care and support.

The Westminster Maternity Suite has an outstanding reputation, state-of-the-art-facilities and a team of experts who are leaders in private maternity care

Our pricing structure

We offer a range of treatment plans depending on your individual requirements.

The charges listed are for your delivery and do not include any obstetrician, anaesthetist or neonatologist fees. The consultants fees vary so please call our customer services team on 0207 1883457.

The obstetricians who care for patients on the Westminster Maternity Suite are:


Delivery Package Price Package fees Additional Nights(Per Night)
Normal or Assisted Delivery £5,000
Inc 1 night stay
Caesarean Section- Elective or Emergency £6,040
Inc 2 nights stay


The package charge includes: The package charge does not include:
  • Hospital accommodation and meals
  • Midwifery care throughout delivery and postnatal stay
  • Theatre fees, drugs and dressings
  • Post-natal physiotherapy advice
  • Partner accommodation. Breakfast for the first morning of their stay.
  • Consultant obstetrician and anaesthetist fees as outlined above
  • Paediatric Consultant newborn baby check at £250
  • Diagnostic tests or services received prior to your admission
  • Antenatal ward and overnight stay

Additional Charges

Consultant Obstetrician fees are charged in addition to the above package prices at circa £7,000 for antenatal care and delivery.

Consultant Anaesthetist fees are also payable if an epidural is required for pain relief or a caesarean section and will be charged at circa £900.

Individual consultant fee structures are available on request.

Antenatal Care
Ward attendance (less than 3 hrs) £100
Ward attendance (day case) £300
Ante-natal admission (per night) £950




Discharge time is at 4pm daily. You can opt to delay your discharge. The fee  for delayed discharge would be similar to the antenatal care charges listed above.

Private antenatal classes costs £200 per couple for a one day course.

Overseas patients not entitled to NHS care

If you or your baby requires specialist care, this would be chargeable. An initial payment of £20,000 is therefore required. The unused amount will be refunded upon discharge. If the costs of your care are higher, we will invoice you for the difference.

Maternity Funding Form

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