Private Maternity Ultrasound Fees

Dr Pasupathy’s fees do not include the hospital charges, anaesthetic fees, neonatal consultation and blood tests.

Pre pregnancy counselling £200.00
Early dating/ viability scan £100.00
First trimester nuchal scan £200.00
* This will be performed with blood tests as part of the combined screening test
Quadruple test £200.00
Non-invasive free fetal DNA testing £450.00
Cervical length scan £100.00
20 week anomaly scan £250.00
Wellbeing ultrasound scan (growth, doppler) £200.00
Wellbeing ultrasound scan with 3D / 4D £240.00
Chorionic Villous Sampling (CVS) £550.00
* This is usually performed between 11 to 14 weeks
Amniocentesis £550.00
* This is usually performed from 16 weeks

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