How much does it cost?
We offer a range of treatment plans depending on your individual needs. Simply visit our Pricing section for further details.
How do I make a booking?
You will need to select the consultant you would like to deliver your baby and then contact us to make a booking and arrange a tour of the unit. We offer a Consultant led deliveries for all mothers-to-be. Simply call us on 020 7188 3457 or email us at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
When will I need to book into the Private Maternity Suite?
As soon as possible, but we understand that some of our patients may not decide until later in their pregnancy that they would like to go private so we do accept late bookings.
Which Consultants can deliver my baby at the Private Maternity Suite?
We have a team of four very experienced consultants who deliver babies at the Suite they all also work at the hospital and know the team and unit very well. The Consultant Obstetricians are Mr Con Kelleher, Mr Kumar Kunde, Mr Lawrence Mascarenhas and Mr Eugene Oteng-Ntim.
How do I contact them or arrange an appointment?
You can arrange an appointment for all our consultants by calling 020718 3457, you can also see some information and videos of our consultants by clicking this link
What facilities are available in the postnatal rooms?
All the rooms have the same facilities. They all have en-suite bathrooms, a sofa-bed, a television and a private phone. We also have 24 hour food and catering services available in the unit.
How many postnatal bedrooms are there?
We have 6 rooms on the unit and we are expanding this at the end of the year.
What facilities are available in the rooms on the Labour Ward?
The Labour Ward has all of the necessary facilities available for the birth of your baby with additional trained Midwives and Doctors available on the unit at all times if required. All the delivery suites are private and have en-suite bathrooms. The rooms are bigger and give patients the space and choices of different birthing positions. We also have specialist birth pool rooms and a garden room that has amazing views and a relaxing place for patients during labour. All rooms are fully equipped with vital equipment necessary to monitor the mother and baby during labour and once your baby is born.
What do we need to bring upon admission?
• At least three changes of nightwear (cotton is preferable.
Front opening night wear is convenient if you intend to breastfeed).
• Slippers
• Bathrobe/dressing gown.
• CD player and CDs if you would like music t
• Your camera and / or video
• Small natural sponge or face flannel
• Lip balm
• Pair of loose fitting socks
• Hairband to keep hair off your face

For your use: a toiletries bag with soap, shampoo, conditioner, sanitary pads and disposable pants are available for you at the hospital.
What would we need to bring for the baby?
You will be provided with essentials for your baby during your stay apart from baby clothing and something to take your baby home in e.g. car seat. You will be given a bounty bag with samples and vouchers to take home with you also.
Who shall I call when I go into labour?
You should either call your Consultant – details will be given to you at your appointment and you have direct access via their mobiles. If however you have difficulties contacting them or would like to speak to one of our Midwives, then you can call the unit on 020 7188 3457 - the Midwives are available 24 hours a day.
Does St Thomas’ Hospital have car parking facilities and if not what happens if we drive in?
St Thomas' Hospital is located in the Congestion Charging zone and the private maternity suite is located on 12th floor. Parking for patients and visitors is limited and there is often a queue. The car park is 'pay on foot', which means you need to pay and get your exit ticket before returning to your car. Please have the correct change.
Parking charges
The car park is open 24 hours a day.
Charges are:
• £2.60 per hour Monday - Friday, 6am - 6.30pm
• £1.50 at all other times.
Charging exceptions
Disabled patients are given free parking in the main car park upon production of their blue badge registered in their name along with an appointment card.
What happens if all the delivery suites are full?
We try to prioritise the work load but we cannot always predict the number of patients in labour, we do have an overspill in the home form home birth centre that we can use if all the delivery suites are full.
What happens if my Consultant does not make it on time?
As all of our consultants are based in the hospital and work here for most of the week, they can cover each other if there are any problems. We also have qualified and experienced Midwives who are experts in performing normal deliveries and doctors who provide 24 hour medical cover if required, in the absence of your Consultant Obstetrician.
Will my Midwife be looking after someone else while I'm in labour?
No. You will have a dedicated Midwife during your labour and in recovery if you have a C-section and 1:3 on the postnatal suite.
What different methods of pain relief do you have?
Epidurals - these allow the patient the benefit of epidural pain relief, while maintaining the ability to move. They are offered once labour has commenced.
Pethidine which is a pain killer
Entonox - also known as 'gas and air'.
Birthing pool - If you wish to use a pool for pain relief, this is available on the birth centre. This choice will have to be discussed during the antenatal period with your Consultant Obstetrician or Midwife.
TENS - The equipment needs to be hired by the patient should they wish to use them in the labour.
How can I get an epidural?
You will need to inform your consultant Obstetrician or Midwife who can then arrange the epidural with the anaesthetist.
Can my partner stay with me during labour?
Your partner can be with you during labour, either in the delivery suite, if you have a normal delivery or in the theatres if you have an elective caesarean delivery.
How many people are allowed in the delivery suite?
It would be just you and your partner and the medical team – your consultant and Midwife.
Can my mother/sister/friend be with me at the delivery?
You would need to check with your consultant, but this shouldn’t be a problem
Can I eat during labour?
A light snack is usually advised.
Will a Paediatrician check my baby once he/she is born?
Yes this is part of the service we offer. The Consultant Paediatrician will routinely visit the ward to check your baby following delivery, until the day of discharge.
What happens if my baby needs emergency care after birth?
At Guy’s and St Thomas’ we have one of the best neonatal units which is on-site and only a short walk from the delivery suites. We have a state of the art Evelina children’s hospital with a great reputation and amazing team on site to help you and your baby. Please note this is a chargeable service for patients that are not entitled to NHS care.
What happens if I need emergency care after giving birth?
At Guy’s and St Thomas’ we have an adult intensive care, should this level of care be required. Please note this is a chargeable service for patients that are not entitled to NHS care.
What security do you have in the hospital?
The Trust pays attention to the safety and security of our patients and staff. All members of staff have their ID badges and security swipes that allow access. Access to the Suite and birth centre are all via reception all visitors must report at the Front Reception desk at every visit.
All doors leading in and out of the unit are locked and we have 24hour security officers on site at all times.
Will I be shown how to breastfeed?
Your Midwife will give you advice, support and help with breast or bottle feeding your baby. The feeding method of your baby is entirely your choice having been given the required information to make that choice.
Can my partner stay with me after the birth?
Yes, we provide a sofa bed and linen for your partner and they can stay with you on the Suite.
Are there restricted visiting hours?
No you can have visitors at any time during your stay at the Private Maternity Suite.
Do I have access to a physiotherapist?
Yes a physiotherapist will visit you on the ward before discharge

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