All packed and ready to go

To ensure you’re ready to go once your labour starts, we recommend packing a bag in advance.

We will provide:

Toiletries including soap, shampoo and conditioner, sanitary towels and disposable pants. We will also provide you with essentials for your baby during your stay.

Here is a list of all of the things you will need:

For you:

  • At least three changes of nightwear (Cotton is preferableand front opening night wear is best if you plan to breastfeed).
  • Slippers.
  • A bathrobe/or dressing gown.
  • Personal toiletries
  • A CD player and CDs if you would like music.
  • Your camera and / or video.
  • Water spray for face.
  • A natural sponge or face flannel.
  • Lip balm.
  • A pair of loose fitting socks.
  • A hairband to keep hair off your face.
  • Massage oil

For your baby:

  • Baby clothing and
  • Something to take your baby home in such as a car seat.

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