Paying for your stay

Arrangements for payment must be made prior to your admission.  These arrangements normally fall into one of the following three categories.

Medical insurance

You will need to advise the hospital if you have UK private health insurance at the time of booking.  It is now compulsory for most insurers that the hospital obtains pre-authorisation from your insurance company.  We also advise you to get confirmation from your insurers that the treatment you are seeking is covered.

Unfortunately we are unable to deal direct with insurers outside the UK and in these circumstances you will be asked to settle your own account and then reclaim the cost from the insurance company.

Third party sponsor

If your treatment is to be paid for by a third party, such as an overseas embassy, we will need to have a Letter of Guarantee for payment.

This arrangement applies to some embassies, banks and other organisations with whom we have an existing agreement.  We are not able to accept Letters of Guarantee from other organisations or individuals.

Own account

If you are paying for your own treatment or your health cover is limited the hospital can offer a Fixed Price Scheme for a broad range of operations.

Payment is requested on admission, either by credit or debit card.  We also accept cheques but they need to be presented one week prior to admission.

Patients who are self-paying and who have not reached an agreement with the hospital on a fixed price package will be asked to pay the estimated deposit for the cost of the stay on admission.

If you would like further details, or you have any questions or concerns about payment, contact our reservations team on 020 7188 5197/5196.